Tuesday, August 21, 2007

There's No Place Like HOME

I. Love. HOME! How shall I count the ways?

The Great Outdoors

Located on Hillhurst in the Los Feliz Village a short walk from my house, Home has become my home away from home. The main eating area, heralded by a wrought iron gate that proclaims in green neon lighting, "There's No Place Like Home", consists of a tree-canopied courtyard centered around a fountain filled with koi and plastic dinosaur figurines. There is some indoor seating as well which doesn't interest me. The place's tiny tables and booths are almost always packed, especially for brunch and dinner. The crowd consists mostly of hipsters wearing funky sunglasses and chain smoking, and also some scene/industry types which is always interesting. The service varies wildly depending on who you get but there are some nice waiters, and many of them have bad haircuts and tight stovepipe jeans which amuses, welcome to Los Feliz. They have a rainy day special, too,where if it's really raining and you order one entree, you get the second one for 50% off. Interesting. I myself have not taken advantage of this offer.

Food, Folks & Fun

Home has a huge menu, but this ain't no Cheesecake Factory (AAAAAAAH I DETEST!!! IT PUTS THE LOTION ON!!!) -- at Home, I have never had a miss. The food is simple and quite good -- very what you see is what you get, and something for everyone. (This place is more of an outdoor diner than a gourmet restaurant.) Prices are very reasonable, too, especially for the value and portions. Home's brunch is simple and satisfying. All kinds of eggs, pancakes, waffles. I have enjoyed the eggs benedict with smoked salmon (yum), breakfast burrito (yum), and montecristo (french toast egg sandwich with ham and cheese, heaven on a plate).

Their sandwiches are also good. Turkey ruben, grilled cheese, chicken pomodoro sandwich and grilled chicken avocado club have all been hits and come with tasty waffle fries or greasy-good huge onion rings. I've had a burger which was decent. The sloppy joe was AWESOME, just like I remembered from childhood and very sloppy. I had the pizza once, and it was just okay- the crust was lacking. I have enjoyed some of the salads, lately the caramelized apple salad which was just what I wanted (greens, caramelized walnuts and apples, tomatoes, goat cheese, balsamic vinagrette, chicken). Portions are huge so I always take half home for leftovers, which is great because I loooove leftovers.

Cool Cocktails

The best part, though, is that Home has a notably comprehensive and fun cocktail menu. The drinks are STRONG and the variety and creativity is Lola's-esque. My favorites are: the vanilla martini (Absolut vanilla, Absolut mandarin, lemon-lime soda), passionfruit martini (Effen black cherry vodka, X-Rated Fusion liqueur), and the fabulous, fabulous Grand Margarita (Patron Silver, citronge, fresh sweetened lime juice, oranges) on the rocks with a salt rim. Be careful, all the drinks are STRONG. I must plead ignorance on the beer and wine selections because I have never gotten past the cocktails!

To me, there is nothing better than having a good bite, some delicious cocktails, and a long leisurely hang out with friends in an open-air courtyard full of interesting hipster-watching. Plus, in walking distance. This combo, for me, is the main selling point of Home! As you might imagine, the outdoors setup attracts a good number of smokers-- so be aware of that if smoke bothers you. Being outdoors and spacious with a good breeze, though, it doesn't seem to be a big problem.

Brits Love It - And We All Know They Are the Smartest Since They Have English Accents

Largely because of the cocktail menu, fun L.A. hipster element, outdoors setting (the better to appreciate L.A. weather which is a foreign miracle to the English) and huge variety of food, my English cousin is obsessed, and I mean obsessed, with Home. In fact, he requested Home four times in a five day visit a couple of months ago. This past Saturday, when he arrived again with his twin brother in tow, he couldn't wait to go to Home, and I was happy to oblige.

We felt for fried so we ordered the fried chicken wings, fried jalapeno poppers, and fried Southwestern spring rolls. All were mediocre as far as these types of appetizers go but very fried. We also had margaritas galore and they were fabulous. As always, it was glorious to sit outdoors and people watch.

Click those ruby heels together, Dorothy, cause there's no place like Home!

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