Saturday, June 30, 2007

About Us!

Patch and Emilia were both law students when we met and became friends over their love of great edibles and potables. Living together one summer and discovering our shared adoration for all (good) things edible, we started taking bi and sometimes tri-weekly trips to different restaurants around the Bay Area of California, tasting cuisine and sampling libations. Four years later we have dined together in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Cabo San Lucas, Playa del Carmen, Los Angeles, and more. We always order the wine pairings.

In addition, our separate travel experiences have led us to many places around the world, where we make wining and dining a top priority. Emilia came up with the idea of a food blog where the two of us could review restaurants and various eating/drinking experiences and share them with you, in the hopes of promoting quality food experiences everywhere and sharing our passion for living in the moment through excellent food and drink. Posting ensued, until the demands of our lawyerly lives took over back in fall 2008. We took a hiatus for a while, but now we're back. Reviews and ridigity are out. Write ups of meals we enjoyed and a more relaxed approach are in!

Emilia comes from a family that knows how to cook...and how to eat. Her mother's family being from Mexico, she has a particular fondness for all things with a side of frijoles, and learned how to make salsa and guacamole for her friends at a very young age. Emilia's father's side hails from Hungary and Spain, which leaves her with a varied and delicious culinary heritage. Every event in her family calls for an elaborate spread, and these days she does a lot of the cooking. She has travelled throughout Mexico, Italy, and Spain, and ate her way through all three countries. She collects cookbooks (her favorite is the Zuni Cookbook from her all-time favorite restaurant in San Francisco), cooking gadgets (her silvery-green industrial-sized kitchenaide is displayed proudly on the kitchen counter for all to see), and napa wines. Emilia practices law in San Francisco, and was raised in the central valley of California. She is the world's biggest SF Giants fan, and had sampled every single food offered in the ballpark, except those made of fake meat, which she refuses to consume. She has a cat named Lucy, who is the envy of all other cats in the neighborhood, as she gets to eat her mother's leftovers.

Patch has been a foodie since she could eat food. She is a litigator at a firm in L.A., though she is from the East Coast.

Welcome to our blog! Any questions, feel free to email us at!

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