Thursday, July 31, 2008

Long Time, No Lawyer.Eats

Hello out there-- if there is anyone still out there! And thanks to the many of you who ask, even now, when a new post is coming.

Em and I were just discussing Lawyer.Eats and how its hibernation period for the past several months has unfolded. Lawyer eats, but lawyer also works, and as time has gone by, free time, for both Em and I, has been at a premium. Thus, any morsels of off-time have been used to immediately dash to social gatherings with friends, dates (woo!), family visits, short and long vacations, etc.

But through it all, though not posting, we have had the discipline to keep eating out. I know, tough life. While I have been more of a shrinking violet on the food scene, more and more opting to cook at home rather than go out, Em's restaurant gourmand tendencies have continued to go strong. This is why today she mentioned to me that she's been thinking about Lawyer.Eats and wants to start posting again. However, she wants to do things a little differently this time. For example, she told me today about an online review she read about a restaurant she loves, that the reviewing blogger panned. She said it made her think about how she wouldn't want someone to read a bad review based on one or two visits and then not go there -- that she could appreciate that maybe the person's taste and style would be totally different. Em said she thought it might be more fun to post only about meals she liked.

I think this is a great idea, and I agree that it's time to get this thing rolling now before the hiatus reaches the one-year mark.

So, we're back! Bon appetit.

Yours in good taste,